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      Be Respectful: Encourage users to treat each other with respect. No bullying, discrimination, harassment, or personal attacks will be tolerated.

      Stay On Topic: Remind users to keep their posts relevant to the forum’s theme or the specific discussion thread they are participating in.

      No Spam: Prohibit spamming and off-topic messages. This includes unsolicited advertisements, repetitive posts, or posting the same message across multiple threads.

      No Illegal Content: Make it clear that posting or sharing illegal content, including pirated software, illegal downloads, or any other content that violates copyright laws, is strictly forbidden.

      Privacy Matters: Remind users not to post personal information, whether their own or someone else’s, and to respect everyone’s privacy.

      Use Clear Language: Encourage the use of clear and understandable language. Discourage excessive use of slang, text speak, or overly complex vocabulary that might alienate users.

      No Malicious Content: Prohibit the posting of links to malware, phishing sites, or any other harmful software.

      Report Rule Violations: Encourage users to report any posts or behavior that violates the forum rules, and ensure they know how to do so.

      Listen to Moderators: Remind users that moderators are there to enforce rules and that their decisions should be respected. Provide a clear way for users to appeal moderator decisions if they feel they’ve been treated unfairly.

      Keep Personal Disputes Private: Encourage users to handle personal disputes through private messages rather than airing them in public threads.

      No Political or Religious Flamewars: While discussions can include a wide range of topics, remind users to avoid turning debates into heated, unproductive arguments, especially on sensitive subjects like politics or religion.

      Content Quality: Encourage the creation of meaningful, well-thought-out posts, and discourage low-effort content that does not contribute to the conversation.

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