SBI is just the tip of the iceberg

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      There’s plenty of other ‘consultancy groups’ like SBI.
      If its alright with the admin, i can provide a list of those sites


        Tbh, we can’t blame gaming companies for trying to earn more money. This is literally the reason they were established for. The problem is all those woke “talented narrators” aren’t talented in fact. They weren’t hired because of their skills. All they have – correct skin color and views (what is racist and totalitarian AF). That’s why they can’t write good stories and dialogues. Their messages looks unnatural, straightforwarded and completely out of place. I’m not against strong female leads or black characters or slavery and oppression topics when they are done right. But when a character just randomly spits “whites are bad, blacks are good” in your face – fuck this shit.

        What’s even the bigger problem – all these woke warriors are hypocrites and racists in disguise. They even reinvented the meaning of racism (position of power) to avoid any responsibility for their behaviour. They think they can shit on people because they are oppressed. But the funny thing is that with all those jornos on their side they are in position of power themselves! And it makes them racist according to their own beliefs! These assholes make white teams hire people of color for the sake of diversity but at the same time they create only black teams to feel safe! Just think about it! This is not only pure hypocrisy. While they work in safety they literally push other blacks to work in white spaces among white “agressors”! I find it hilarious and pathetic at the same time!


          It is fine! I’m looking for a list of people like SBI for some time now.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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